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“I had false allegations of molestation dismissed against me without trial. I was wrongfully accused by a family members of molesting my son which I would never do. My bail was over a million dollars and I was not able to make bail and had been in jail for approximately 2 months when Mr. Zebberman took over my case. Mr. Zebberman quickly prepared the case during the preliminary hearing he was able to disprove the count against me which carried life in prison. Shortly thereafter the sexual molestation allegations were dismissed and I was released from jail. I was free and it felt so good. Mr. Zebberman prepared the case for trial but before the case went to trial the sex allegations were dismissed. Mr. Zebberman always made himself available to me. And believed in me which gave me the emotional support that I really needed during a very difficult time in my life. Mr. Zebberman was a life saver”.

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