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Criminal Law

Being charged with a crime is, understandably, stressful. Whether one has been charged with a felony or misdemeanor, for the first time or a repeated transgression, one may feel shocked, afraid, and upset. Unfortunately, the reality of the situation is that a prosecutor or law enforcement agency may claim to have sufficient evidence to convict you. Potential outcomes of conviction, among others, may include extended time in jail or prison, deportation, loss of licenses, and other rights and privileges, depending on the severity of the charge.

However, there is hope. American legal tradition is rooted in the belief that every defendant has a right to a fair and competent defense. The modus operandi in our American legal system, “innocent until proven guilty,” holds true with each and every case. This means that you are innocent of any crime, until – and only until – you are proven guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt.” The prosecutor’s job is to prove your guilt; the defense lawyer’s job is to counter the prosecution with supports of an innocent claim. If there is evidence in support of your defense, your defense lawyer will present them to the judge (and/or jury) in the best way possible. It is your lawyer’s job to protect your rights.

This is where Attorney Shep Zebberman can help. As a highly-qualified and experienced criminal defense attorney with over 22 years of experience dealing with – and winning – innumerable criminal defense cases in all areas, he knows the ins and outs of the courtroom. He will help you explore the maze of options – from a negotiated plea bargain to a trial by jury and everything in between. It is important to remember that not every case goes to trial; sometimes a serious criminal charge may be resolved through alternatives such as treatment /rehabilitation options, community service, or deferred entry of judgment. That is why it is essential to retain an experienced, top-notch defense lawyer by your side as soon as possible. Immediately after you learn you may be the target of investigation by law enforcement, even before charges are brought, Attorney Zebberman can direct you towards the right course of action to suit your individual case. Be assured that you will receive a powerful advocate on your side and a strong defense on your behalf.

Shep Zebberman offers skilled legal representation in the following areas:

Drug charges, Domestic Violence (Spousal abuse, Child abuse), Sex crimes, DUI, Violent crimes, Prostitution, Probation violations, Restraining orders, Illegal Search and Seizure, Fraud, Pre- Arrest Investigation, Gang Enhancement, 3rd strikes, Record Expungements, White collar crimes, Theft offenses, Juvenile offenses, and other criminal charges.

Attorney Zebberman will personally litigate your case with precision and effort and will be completely nonjudgmental regarding the nature of the crime. He has a dedicated interest in each of his clients, and will be there to guide you through every step of the way. Even if the process may at times be harrowing or anxiety-ridden, he will make every effort to maintain your innocence by upholding your rights and your freedom. Give Shep Zebberman the opportunity to directly represent you and fight for the defense you deserve.

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