lternative Dispute Resolution is an ideal method to resolve business disputes, personal injury claims, contract disputes, debt disputes, construction disputes, and real estate disputes. Arbitration is often regarded a more preferred method over the process of suing a plaintiff in Court for several reasons. Firstly, arbitration is generally quicker than the process of suing in court. While some court litigations may take years to resolve in court, arbitration hearings can often be concluded, on average, in one to three months. Additionally, arbitration usually costs substantially less than suing in court and is more convenient as both parties schedule the date, time, and location of the hearing. Lastly, arbitration awards and evidence are private and closed to the public record. In contrast, courts are open to the public, and all evidence and rulings are public record. Arbitration is also has the advantage of finality with only limited appeals process.

Mediation shares many of these advantages with arbitration, but allows the parties to fashion their own agreement on how to resolve their dispute.

As a longtime arbitrator, Shep Zebberman has earned a reputation of being fair, neutral, and genuinely interested in allowing all parties to present their case. He has presided over thousands of cases. Below is a partial list of his positions.